Drama in Education: Stimulating Learning Preparedness among Primary School Pupils

Drama in Education: Stimulating Learning Preparedness among Primary School Pupils

For several decades, researchers in education have continually sought for ways of improving input and output for adequate productivity in the industry. This move has given rise to a lot of experiments resulting in innovations and explorations of new creative ideas to enhance teaching and learning.

Towing this path, this study seeks to explore Drama in Education (DIE) to prepare pupils for teaching and learning after school breaks. To achieve this sole objective, experiment-based research was conducted on primary three pupils in a Private Primary School owned by a state institution. DIE in this instance, is not adopted as methodology for teaching but as treatment for psychological mind set of pupils especially after break periods in the school. It was intended to determine the impact of drama performances in prodding and preparing pupils for lessons after break hour characterised by, distractions, noise, play and physical activities which could affect their readiness to learn.

The observation method was used over a period of six weeks, to assess the outcome of this experiment and the findings of this research culminated in recommendations with the intention of promoting the use of DIE for pupils’ mental readiness to be receptive to learning after breaks during teaching in the classroom.

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