Embracing Music Intervention as Stimulus for Children’s Learning.

Embracing Music Intervention as Stimulus for Children’s Learning.

Music is an integral part of human lives. Its origin could be traced to human speech, communication, mime, singing and environmental sounds which include ocean waves, hammer, anvil and wind just to mention a few. These sounds are produced from animate and inanimate objects. Music is the combination of vocal or instrumental sounds in harmony to create melody pleasing to the ears. Music as an art permits all human societies with the capacity to reflect and affect human emotion.

A lot of myths and legend are linked to the evolution of music in different societies based on their cultures. Early forms of music involved use of drums, stones, clapping, stamping of feet as musical instruments. It also developed to traditions used during religious, ceremonious, festivals, rites, rituals and entertainment. Egyptians, Arabs, Romans, Greeks and Africans developed their types of music starting from 4000 BCE. Creation of musical technologies dates back to ancient humans, well before these technology currently appear in the material record (Killin, 2018.) Going by Killin’s view, right from the beginning, music has been a communal affair in which individuals and large groups participate.

This music plays a significant role in societies where information is shared through traditional songs for social learning. Aristotle’s Poetics, (1959) in Killin (2018) sums the role of music in youth training, emphasizing its reputation in three ways; a practice that builds character, affords amusement/leisure and cultivates the mind. In agreement, Plato’s similar view was shared in the Republic where musical training is depicted as a potent instrument than any other to import grace and make the soul of him who is “rightly educated graceful” (Plato 2002, p.257).

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