A New Birth

A New Birth

Just like pregnancies have gestation periods, ideas also require time to nurture and mature. It is a phase of incubation to experiment, redefine hazy concepts, refine blurry visions, and rediscover potential. It is indeed a gradual journey to evolve into a transformative and innovative agent for the breakthrough of a creative masterpiece. Surely, there is no pretense about hurdles and resistance but there's strength in resilience and fortitude. BOAB PURPLE ARTS is the depth of human ingenuity within the realms of imagination, illumination, and collaboration driven by dedication and hard work; to shape the future for an enduring legacy. Be a part of a dream to come to reality. It's a new birth, it's BOAB. Welcome!

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We put out the best scholarly discoveries that informs and builds society
Our kiddies programs equips children from early childhood with leading skills of tomorrow
Our research collaborations empowers deeper enquiries into the bedrock of societies

Under the vibrant management of Dr. Bunmi Adedina, we are defined by creativity, action, focus and result-driven. We create paths where there is none, forge ways through challenges and deliver passion-fueled goals and objectives.

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