Nigeria Female Writers and Children’s Literature: History, Roles and Contributions

Nigeria Female Writers and Children’s Literature: History, Roles and Contributions

In times past, children's literature was hardly accommodated in literary writings, as it existed and survived mainly on the fringes of adult literature. However, in recent times, there is a paradigm shift, resulting in a noticeable tilt to children's literature. As a fast-developing field of study, children's literature has provided a platform for an array of writers worldwide to express and explore available genres in fiction and non-fiction works to enhance children's development in their style and approach to children's literature.

The works of children literature writers, especially females, have in some cases served as a yardstick for measuring core societal values and norms and their effect and influence on children, who at this stage are in the process of societal, cultural and religious integration. This could be explained in line with the roles and natural attributes of women and the influence, power and authority they wield on their children. However, the ever constant and dynamic nature of man, especially in the digital and technological era, has made it imperative for female writers of children's literature to move with the tide of time.

This paper gives an overview of Nigerian women children's literature writers who have made indelible landmarks. It then examines female writers' works for the modern age, especially in the 21st century, when it comes to children’s literature. To this end, suggestions are then made to bridge the divide and make suggestions for the development of emerging Nigerian children’s literature female writers.

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